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Loneliness is todays social problem in the world. However, it is human problems alone. Between people, between man and machine, between religion and science, between races, between countries, between classes, between men and women full of doubt and distrust, hostility and exclusivity became a self-protection. Sometimes we do not even believe in themselves. Distraction from this fear and loneliness, we need a lot of love and substance, but when we found that these substances is likely to disappear, love is cheap, we will fall into a deeper sense of loneliness.

I love to wander.


travel extensively, be prolific about expressing your inner thoughts through

We use an island as a base, as we have in the past now use a window of the house, as you can see at the following URL past our work. We are interested in creating a container or a stage director of theater on this platform and dreams.

If you do not have strong passions of your own, how do you provoke strong reactions in people who view your work? If the artists inner world is not beautiful, how can the work produced by the artist be truly experienced by the viewer as beautiful?


I am by nature a free spirit. If I become enamoured of physical trappings and illusory glory, it would be like caging a free soaring phoenix and raising it as a mountain pheasant for the amusement of people. No matter how well the pheasant dances, it has lost its original aura of mystery.

What about the surrealism? Many of your paintings show islands that would be very difficult to reach alone... if not impossible.

Science and art is different.


The contradictory thoughts that arise when I create a painting will naturally enough, appear as conflicting forces within my paintings (this is not surprising; these contradictions are a form of deliberation). In a age where strict conventions on artistic styles exist only to be broken, there are many of these opposing forces.

Personal and artists always like to say that I and we, people rarely go to care for others, care about them. It is considered as selfish personality and personal values. But this is not true, we and they are the same, they also have their personality and values. As artists we need to show objective value, the performance of their inner world. If our work shows them and do our own performance. If we just fascinated by the performance of our own, well never find yourself.

Every painting is like a flower. How beautiful is a matter of perspective. The process of conceptualizing a painting to realizing the painting is like sowing the seeds and nurturing the flower to full bloom. The flower in full bloom is naturally attractive, but the process of germination and growth is a much more powerful demonstration of lifes vigor.


文学艺术,The true artist has her emotional life somewhere between the remembered and the imagined. These sublime emotions are the nourishment for artistic creativity.

Where does the name They come?

I cannot stop thinking.


The fish in the lake swims freely, and forgets that it is immersed in water. The artist whose mind is filled with knowledge, rules and the footprints of those who have come before her will find that her heart has become a tiny room chocked off by these debris. The heart is not longer free. It is only when the artist sees past knowledge and rules that she is able to experience true artistic freedom.

There are several contrasts in your work, reality / fiction, peace / solitude, beauty / distress. What do you think of this?

Science talks about advancement, but art can only be described as prolific. Art should be something that flourishes; the most attractive thing about art is that it is not circumscribed by rules and is unlimited in its possibilities.

The paintings convey very calm, but also very lonely. Do you believe that loneliness is a problem in our society today?

There is no lasting sense of fulfillment, only an eternity of failed hopes.


How could I best describe the difference between the two different artistic styles of freehand spontaneity and realism? Freehand spontaneity is like drinking wine, it is about heady feelings, maintaining a level of excitement, speed and sharpness. Realism as an artistic style on the other hand is like imbibing spring water, peaceful, steadfast and orderly. I like both approaches to art.


I have journeyed, but the skies bear no trace of my passing wings. Understatement and inner fulfillment is a form of beauty, just as much as waving my flag and proclaiming life at the top of my voice can be a form of beauty.

What about the formats you used, the centered horizon line and the thoroughness with which you treat each of your paintings?

My days are absolutely packed. I am busy with painting, reading, listening to music and thinking. I am busy contemplating the changing clouds,observing the greening leaves. I am busy breathing in and out all this sounds like I am busy with frivolity. Anything in life, including work, should be something I enjoy, and that to me is play.

Yes, you are a very good question! Lives and experiences of works of art is bound to become the basis and nutrition. Chinese have a saying: Art comes from life, but more than life. However, we feel that art has less than life. We always want to find life through artistic outlet. Because lifes emptiness and meaningless, we must rely on the salvation of souls with the art, the art of living and experience are vegetarian. But we found that art has affected lives. When you think art can end our emptiness, you can only keep a new creation. Once you stop, and even greater and far-reaching will immediately fill your emptiness. This is a bit like sex, we can never truly satisfied, but you can enjoy a short course of excitement。Sex is the life of raw power, art and life and the creation of raw power. Although our lives are always very frivolous and our personal experience is always full of fallacies and limitations. But this is life detail and true. Our art is to behave better than the life or worse than life spectacle. Whether beautiful or ugly, happy or loneliness, emptiness, or meet, are the essence of life. Life is ultimately a tragedy, because everyone is dying. And everyone is not he or she wants everything. The world is not fair, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, healthy and unhealthy. We can not choose our destiny and birth.But there is one thing the world is only fair that everyone will die. Only in God, Allah, Buddha in front of everyone is equal.

The contradictions in the creative process are like the contradictions I face in life. When conflicts can coexist with harmony, something fascinating has been created.


A true artist is a universe unto herself. In this universe, the artist should be the most prominent star and her bearing should reflect that of the protagonist resolute, courageous, creative, erudite, cultured.


Formal thematic creations is as different from simple practice sketches as writing a complete essay is to making a few notes in a notepad. The former emphasizes the completeness of the work, and every word is weighed and thought over. Sketching is based on emotions and feelings. It is spontaneous and opportunistic, and the effect is of completion in a single act.

Our generation is very anxious and vulnerable, we are very realistic, but we lack the vision and poetic, in addition to money and sex, we do not have true inner freedom. For the future, we did not expect, so we can only sink in reality. We do not have true love and friendship, so we are only familiar stranger. We looked at each other, I hope they help us, but we do not intend to pay our own strength and love, we only take, but we do not pay. We do not have faith, we only believe in myself. This self-confidence is very fragile. Love and trust is a luxury, but also beautiful but fragile. These feelings are in our paintings inside.

When I paint,


Art is a way to think. This series, Women is only a medium for my expression. As a woman, I can understand and empathize with other women, and in that way, I can better express myself through the depiction of women in paintings. I have many thoughts, but paintings can only be completed one canvas at a time. I am interested in too many things, and even if it is a subject that is only peripherally associated with the arts, I will be interested to find out more about it. Living in our modern society is like looking through a kaleidoscope. There are many distractions, but you may never know when some of these distractions may turn into inspiration.

Paint is usually a very individualistic discipline.but We like the challenge, this contradiction, and we put a different personality and interests into the screen, which makes the screen showing the conflict and unity of subjective and objective convergence. We will first discuss what a basic platform, such as a room or an island, and then we will be free to draw on the screen the content of their own interest, but we can not destroy and interfere with each others paintings, the final screen showing a singular freedom and conflict. This allows us the perspective of those who must stand to watch his own subjective ideas. This is one reason why they are called.

Creative work is my life. To me it is neither work, nor is it a recreation or a pastime. It is a calling and borne of feelings. It is like a faith of my own that stands outside of any professional standards.

How your lives and experiences are manifested in your paintings?

Stylistic conflicts: Chinese art and western art, realism and decorative, abstract and figurative, objective and subjective.

Paint is usually a very individualistic discipline. How you came to work on it together?

I was moved watching CCTV3s Thirty Years of Song. How can one not be mesmerized by life, even if it only to be moved by music, or a beautiful painting, or a graceful dance? It suddenly dawned on me that what we term mainstream music is also a common means by which we aspire to the universal concepts of truth, kindness and beauty as well as peace, friendship and tranquility.

Our paintings are not surrealism, she may be the reality, perhaps a dream, perhaps fiction, but not surrealism. Because we draw is true reality and the inner world. Our paintings appear many islands, these islands are our hearts and their hearts, everyones heart is an island, very remote, difficult arrived. Our hearts like these islands remain the same distance, looked at each other, very close but never reach. We each spoke in their own words, but never really communicate. Our two artists work, like silos and islands of the dialogue.

A sense of responsibility is a part of the persons system of values.

This contrast is very natural. First of all, the world is full of contrasts and a sense of absurdity. The subjective and the objective world can never reach unity. Humans and nature can not always harmonious. Civilization and history is sometimes vague and contradictory. As an artist, we want to express the true knowledge can only be subjective, even extreme ideology and personality style. We passed two artists working together this way, reaching contradiction and unity. We reinforce this contrast, both conversion and integration of such a contrast. This is a difficult task, but also a challenge, but also become our features and concepts.

To be an artist is to be isolated in a lonely profession. There is no one to depend on.


It is my spirit at rest.

In your paintings there is a thin line between reality and fiction Whats real and whats fiction in each?

I have to be responsible for my life, so I try my best to avoid frittering a single day in emptiness.

We believe that reality itself is unreal, the reality is that we live in fiction. Full of lies and the harsh reality of our lives and our world, so we often can not distinguish reality and fiction. Cruelty is true beauty is fiction. Relative to the real world, the absurdity and hypocrisy, and perhaps the dream is real. We are being deceived and fooled generation, our values confusion, we can not distinguish between beauty and ugliness of human nature. We often do not believe that even the most simple love. So we can only rely on one horizon to distinguish between reality and fiction.

Kindness The compass for human behavior.



What characteristics of your generation are present in your paintings?

Make each day extraordinary.

When you are alone, everything is as it should be.

I am responsible for my art, therefore I invest it with my energy and hard work.

It is my body leading my spirit on a journey.

My paintings seek to describe a form of emotion, portray a certain personality or depict a state of mind or a form of lifestyle. It is like a movie, a dance, a melody it seeks to covey joy, beauty, to move you. I am not trying to explain a philosophical truth or to make a judgmental statement of right or wrong. These things exist in our lives, and I merely abstract it and re-imagine it on a canvas for the viewer. If it reaches past the hard shell we form around our hearts or emollients a dried up part of our soul, then that is a painting that has created an emotional response.

I paint for myself. Art allows me to attain consciousness of my inner soul and through my paintings I am able to comfortably express ideas. I paint for people who can judge the effort I put into the work, who will slow down and stop for two minutes to enjoy the fruits of my effort. I paint also for the reader who has taken the effort to flip through my art book and collection of paintings.

It is because my soul is on an expedition.

I am an untamed artist. I wander where I please, without affiliation to any school or faction. I am free of the constraints of conventions or the truisms imposed by schools of art. Because I am not steered by prejudices or regulated by rules, I am able to listen wholly to my heart. That is the freedom of the inner soul.

Beauty is a form of emotional feeling. The modern, fashionable concept of beauty represents an urban lifestyle centered on the pursuit of perfection and an ideal.

The wise person should jettison this conventional societal definition of success because this cannot possibly be the standard of happiness for humanity. Happiness is a much bigger concept than success.


Beauty The sublime expression of external and internal condition.

Whenever I pick up pencil and brush and venture forth to create, my heart feels that it has found a safe harbour, and all of lifes unease and worries fade to the background.

I think everyone understands that creating a work of art is not the same as being innovative. However, unbeknownst, many people become slaves to innovation and end up being directed by the court of public opinion on what is innovative.

When you have company, what can be called your own is miniscule.

It is important to maintain the integrity of ones inner spirit you do this by enriching the inner soul, make it a warmer hearth, learn to be happier and to be stronger and more courageous.

We live in a prosperous world of sensory overload: we are inundated and flooded by oceans of books, people, objects, food, money, investments, pictures, the internet, entertainment

In my art, I am seeking a pure and idealized form of beauty. This type of beauty leaves the dust of reality far, far behind, but is conversely very near to the inner spirits instinctive interpretation of beauty. My paintings depict the radiance of the modern woman, her beauty, and an aspirational optimism. The fruitless frustration of modern life is transformed into a dreamy idyll of life in all its beauty. It is a cathartic release for the viewer.

The goal of my body of work is to gradually shape a visual aesthetic style that is absolutely recognizable as my own. I cannot quite describe what this style. It is as though it radiates from my blood. I am like the sky and my style is like the wind. The sky is the home of the wind, and the wind is the sky dancing away.

What makes an artist?

Be contemplative, observant, write, draw, read, travel. Read widely and

It is important to learn how to swim in these oceans, and to know when to get out of the water for a rest, or we may very well drown. When we are tired, it is easy to end up being swept away by the currents.

In each work, I adopt a sincere desire to find the most satisfactory approach to create the painting.

Maintaining your principles in a confrontational and adversarial environment requires courage and resilience. Artists may be the product of many different environments, but there is a universal truth to art. An artists style is a product of faith, and to change his or her style, the way an artist thinks must change. If an artists faith in her own work is uncertain, it could be a reflection of the artists impetuosity or skill level. Often, in a rush to be recognized, the artist will produce a work that is based on the values and perspective of others and not of herself. This is a problem.

Actors have their entrances and their exits. Each actor in her own sphere of activity contributes to the ageless tradition of the arts. No single actor can dominate the stage forever; time is not forgiving to the thespian. Let us, with all sincerity, engrave in our minds the memorable moments that they may be timeless testaments in honour of life and the arts.

How to balance attaining happiness through contentment and tenacious persistence in attaining success requires wisdom.

I am like a contemplating reed.

When you take on the arts as a profession, you will come across many areas that you might have assumed were not relevant to the profession. Since there is an arts circle, there are generally understood standards that need to be adhered to. If you ignore them, then you would not be able to consider the arts to be your profession.

Everything falls into place naturally when the heart is simple and pure. I love this saying The sky is unmarked by the movement of my wings, but I have already passed through. I am fond of the marks and traces on my canvas. They are really just simple light marks of my pencil that I repeatedly overlay to form shapes, but each stroke is like a memory from a shared journey. There is no special significance or reasoning, but each stroke is different. There is only one sun in the sky, but the todays sun is not the same as the one that appeared yesterday. The simple heart has learnt to lay down burdens and to find happiness wherever it dwells. Happiness is like to the emperors new clothes; only the wise can see it. When I attain this form of simple happiness, the joy of painting is especially sweet.

Being free is not a matter of living surrounding,but a matter of spirtual condition. Unless the artist has a spirit that is free, her work will invariably be constrained by worldly concerns. Freedom on spirit is borne of the artists personal experience and is not a given.

To me, creation is about being unique, simplicity, being true to yourself and being willing to travel against the currents. These are the fundamentals of art.

The imagined exotic flora of Elysium is a form of beauty. Flawless jade is a form of beauty; vividly coloured streamers fluttering in the wind is a form of beauty, beauty can come in the form of quiet elegance; beauty can be found in temperament or talent.

Painting Essays

Magnificent, ground-shaking narratives and themes are not what I am currently concerned with. Reflective contemplation of the inner spirit is the central thread of my work.

A good work of art is like a mirror. If a mule looks into the mirror, it is not possible for the reflection to show a swan.

I use painting to craft my daydreams.

If the painting is not perfect, it should have at least capture the thought process behind my creation. Not all my paintings are great, but each one of them is definitely different.

It often appears that life is a dead-end with no alternatives and no way out. Life in its drudgery is just a lonely series of anticipations.

Painting has become habitual to me. What stimulates me is not a hot passion but feelings of happiness and tranquility.

When I am on the road,

With paper and canvas as my boat, with a brush as an oar, with love as the sail, I begin my journey. I thrust myself onto the endless seas, and come what may, through reefs and sandbars, undercurrents and riptides, I will remain full of hope.

I am following my thoughts on a voyage.

Innovation and originality are two words that are much abused and tossed about lightly when speaking of the arts. People moving in the arts circle hold these two words in reverence.

I am forever wandering,

I am free to explore different approaches and means to the same end, and this freedom has allowed me to interchange the experiences of traditional and contemporary artistic experiences. In this I consider myself extremely fortunate.

Wan Xiaojia

Painting means engaging endlessly in battle with the canvas. Talking about painting is pointless. The artist should be in a dialogue with the painting, debating, improving, compromising finally forming a bond of friendship with the painting.

I am very clear that painting is something that I have to be personally accountable for. I pursue my own lines of thoughts and reasoning without being influenced by others. I determine my own desired results from painting. I impose my will and feelings of love and hate.

What a show of beauty all around us! Yet the bloom of youth will eventually fade; the hustle and bustle of life will grow fainter; all that is sweet and charming will pale; all that glitters will tarnish. So lets start to feel the beauty around us! The women in my paintings are not just a canvas of a pretty, smiling woman. I create each with a beautiful story.

Zhuang Zi described life as short and superficial, transient and empty. Physical beauty is fleeting and ephemeral. It fades with the breath of a sigh. What is eternal is the human spirit. In my paintings, I place an emphasis on the back story of the characters. My imagination fires the life-force of the painting.

The greatest cause for alienation of people in this society is that we have a very shallow and narrow definition of success. We make people feel like failures and that their lives have been a waste if they do not succeed.

Sometimes, I conceive a painting as a stage. The character I imagine is the actor. I design the costumes, the props, I arrange the colours and the space; I imagine the emotions frozen in a momentary snapshot. As I draw and paint, I will imagine What does she like? What is she worrying about? What is her mood? What is her personality? What is she thinking? Why? In that time, I am lost in a fictional universe of my creation.

If you dont know what has come before, how do you talk about creating something new?

Concept conflicts: Vanity and the enduring, liberal and conservative, individuality and compromise.

The predominant approach to art today is for an artist to adopt a style and to exhaust every possibility of that approach. I try to walk a different path by constantly expressing myself in different styles. I think this has to do with the fact that we live in an age of information proliferation, and I what I want to say and express is constantly changing. I am least true to myself.

What I have always placed emphasis on is the inner soul of the person. The backstory to any written or painted work is a construct of ink and paint, and its meaning is entirely dependent on the spiritual world for sustenance. Whose inner soul is ever truly perfect? I am fortunate that I can indulge in reading and painting; it enriches myself without posing any harm to society.

I feel that I do not handle well the opportunities for acquiring inspiration. Tonight, as I flip through a magazine and listen to the music of Enigma,I suddenly wondered if perhaps it is impossible to intentionally seek out inspiration. Inspiration is like air or the wind around us. There is no place where it does not exist, yet it is ephemeral and often visible only out of the corner of your eye. It can only be felt by the heart, it is not corporeal and cannot be observed. Trying to store up inspiration is like trying to store wind. What I can do is to immerse myself in the wind, and to be constantly alert for that flash of inspiration.

Each time I step into a book store, I am seized by the compulsion to buy books. In that instant, I forget that in reality, there are uncountable numbers of good books, and even if I were to live another lifetime, I could not finish reading them.

In China, art has never been just about technique. Art is the means to cultivate the human spirit. Whether and how an artist goes about achieving greatness and recognition should not be the main focus or concern of the artist. Instead, the artist should be concerned with elevating his or her inner spiritual world. The artists journey is a path of self-knowledge, self-respect and personal dignity. It is a quest for a simpler truth; an artist is best served by stripping away the trappings of society and seeking a return to a guileless innocence. The maturity of ones inner spiritual world determines the standard of the artists work. It is this inner spirituality that makes the person a unique individual. In our contemporary world, truly original art work is rare, and it is all the more crucial for an artist to draw upon this unique spiritual world.

Beauty is a form of feeling.

The artist needs to step away from trying to be innovative. Follow your heart and focus on expressing your true feelings and personality in your work. The mantra of the new individualistic generation is to live in accordance to my true nature. Finding your own path away from the mainstream isnt that innovation?

Create memorable moments; find opportunities to demonstrate the brilliance of the human spirit in lifes journey. Love is the fountain head and endless source of rejuvenation for the spirit.

Truth Wisdom, a situation humanity aspires to.

When I am staring blankly,

When I am reading,

I will not paint something formulaic or fashionably stylistic. I will have different presentation in different series of paintings. Each series will be based on a theme and the theme will determine my style and artistic language. To use an analogy, how a director films a kung fu movie will be completely different from a romantic comedy set in the city.